Organized Sailing Tours to Cyclades

Solo Holidays - Couples Vacation Packages:

Half-board sailing vacations with skipper

Well planned sailing vacations, 4-5 Islands to visit in comfort during the week.  Best choice for small groups, singles & couples. We are chartering the yacht for you and you participate as ‘crew-members’ within our team. No responsibilities towards the navigation,  upon request mileage certificate. This is the simplest way for carefree sailing holidays without worrying about the formalities of a yacht rental. 

Our destinations starting from Athens.:

Cyclades Islands:  Average wind or stronger, more active sailing, ±20-30 miles between the islands.

Saronic islands:  Average wind or less, more relaxing sailing, ±15-20 miles between the  islands.

Cyclades and Saronic islands:  Best choice for an overview of two groups of islands.

Our trips are planned according to local weather conditions for a more enjoyable navigation and include the most interesting places of the proposed islands at average sailing distances. You will visit the most beautiful parts of these islands and you will swim in virgin places, accessed only by boat. We will take you to places known by few ! Cap. Vardis (30+ years on the Greek seas) guaranties you care-free sailing vacations. 

MILOS island  Map of SARONIC islands  Map of CYCLADES islands  HYDRA island
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'Cabin Charter' 2018 - Dates & Destinations:

May 05-12 /CYCLADES & SARONIC islands, 550 €, pers/week: (+half-board)

September 01-08 /CYCLADES & SARONIC islands, 600 €, pers/week: (+half-board) Naturists

Sailing route: ATHENS (Alimos), cape SOUNIO, KEA, KYTHNOS, St. GEORGE, HYDRA, POROS, ATHENS (Alimos).   See map here   This sailing schedule will satisfy most all of you that you want to get a glimpse of two groups of Cycladic and Saronic Islands.   More info lower on page.

May 19-26 / CYCLADES islands, 550 €, pers/week: (+half-board)

 June 02-09 /CYCLADES islands, 600 €, pers/week: (+half-board)  Naturists

July 07-14 / CYCLADES islands, 650 €, pers/week: (+half-board)

August 11-18 / CYCLADES islands, 650 €, pers/week: (+half-board)

September 14-22 / CYCLADES islands, 600 €, pers/week: (+half-board)

Sailing route: ATHENS (Alimos), cape SOUNIO, KEA, KYTHNOS (Loutra), SYROS, SERIFOS, KYTHNOS (Merichas), St. GEORGE, ATHENS (Alimos).  See map here    For the above cruises we are suggesting some of the most interest Cycladic islands, including the capital of Cyclades.  We will visit the most interest parts of these islands and we will swim in virgin places, accessed only by boat.   More info lower on page.

The sailboat and your traveling companion:

Sailboat ATLANTIS 43 (13,20m / 3+1 cab. / 3W / 3+1 Showers / Max. 6-7 persons +Skipper ). Capt. Vardis accompanies you aboard. 

ATLANTIS 43 sailboat plan

Advantages of our organized cruise:

It is perfect for those who do not have the time or the interest in planning all the details of a trip.  Best choice for small groups, singles and couples. Cabin or berth charter.  Our trips are planned according to local weather conditions for a more enjoyable navigation.  

Experience connecting people!

Our cabin tours attract a mixture of ages and nationalities, an ideal way to go on holiday in comfort, with other travelers and under the security of a local guide.  You are also more likely to visit places off the beaten track and enjoy unique experiences, difficult to do by your own. 

Skipper Vardis with famille aboard  ATLANTIS 43, yacht plan  Anchoring in Cyclades islands  Navigation with sails

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Shall I get much time to myself?

Our cruise leaves a lot of independence to explore by yourself. On arrival at the port in the afternoon, you are generally free to do as you wish until morning. The group stays together for the dinner, although this is a personal choice. 

How do berths work?

Solo travelers of the same sex will be paired to share a double cabin or a single berth when available. If a double cabin will be shared by one person, a surcharge of 75% should be set. 

Online confirmation of your booking:

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Our chartering policy for 'cabin charter' formula:

In accordance with our charter policy for 'ATLANTIS 43' the security deposit for this vessel it is NOT requested. In order to insure the Passengers of ‘Cabin-Charter formula’ against any liability in relation to the boat and navigation, (equipment, maritime risk, civil liability), ‘Sun-Sailing’ is chartering the yacht on your behalf on your skipper's name so, you participate as a crew member within our team. By this way you are relieved of any of all above responsibilities and for sure, you are enjoying carefree sailing vacations with us.

Vacances en famille    Iles Grecques, mouillage de voiliers

Yacht cabin charter conditions:

Team spirit: Life aboard a sailboat is a bit different from life on land, and there are some rules to respect but so much joy to discover! A sailboat offers limited personal space, compared to home. A team spirit of cooperation and respect for other people on board, are essential and desired for the enjoyment of all.

Skippered yacht:  Our experienced skipper (Capt. Vardis or another) accompanies you and guides you. Any previous sailing experience is desired among the crew, if any. 

Half-board on board: Breakfast, coffees, yogurt, milk, light diner, fruits, soft drinks and juices, water,  end cleaning, VAT, ... etc, except only your diners in a typical local tavern (± 10-15€ person). There is not any other charter cost.

Booking:  The 40-50% of total cost initial deposit.

Insurance: ATLANTIS 43' is insured against Third party liability, sea pollution and serious damages to the hull, machinery and equipment. We advise an additional personal insurance during the charter period.  More info online here: