Our Vacation Destinations: Greek Islands


Affordable Holidays to CYCLADES & SARONIC islands.

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Visit Greek Islands by a different way:  Sail with us following ancient sea routes in Aegean Sea.

Best summer destinations for sailing holidays are the Greek islands in Aegean Sea,  South-East of Europe.  Starting from Athens the closest vacation destinations are:

  • SARONIC islands, (the most important:
  • AEGINA, POROS, AGKISTRI, HYDRA, DOKOS, SPETSAE, & EPIDAURUS on the coast)  and more further the:
  • CYCLADES islands  (the closest are:

With bareboat or skippered chartering, these destinations are open for all regardless of age. Our destinations are planned according to the local weather conditions.  We propose small or medium routes for daily sailing reserving enough time for swimming and sightseeing. 

  • Cyclades Islands:  
  • Average wind or stronger, more active sailing, ±20-30 miles between the islands.
  • Saronic islands: 
  • Average wind or less, more relaxing sailing, ±15-20 miles between the  islands.
  • Cyclades and Saronic islands:  Best choice for an overview of both groups of islands.
Milos island   Fishing boat   Ionian islands   Cyclades islands 

Starting - Ending from Athens

  • For 3-5 days cruise: >> The nearest of CYCLADES or of SARONIC islands.
  • For 7 days cruise:     >> 4-5 of central CYCLADES or most of SARONIC islands.
  • For 10 days cruise:  >> Central CYCLADES or all SARONIC islands.
  • For 14 days cruise:  >> Central & Southern CYCLADES until Santorin.
Astypalea island   Bay of Corinth   Patmos island   Symi island 
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