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Secure Online Transaction - Real Time Confirmation

Easy Pay in 3 steps, real time confirmation.

Online Bank secure services by credit card with registration.  Direct proof of your transaction.  You can also confirm your booking via Bank Transfer.

Our Bank account details:


Confirm your booking via Bank Transfer :


IBAN:  GR25 0172 0450 0050 4501 7269 544

Beneficiary: Vardis Georgakakis

Adress: K. Theotoki 1, Athens 11141, Greece 

Confirm your booking via your Bank card:

Useful Information / Information utile:

Useful: If you transfer money from an existing account via your bank card, the bank fee is 5 Euros.  When using the credit of your credit card, the bank fee is 2.5%.  What ever your choice, any bank fee must be added on the total.  We thank you.

Technical assistance / Assistance technique:

Find some difficulty? Contact PIRAEUS BANK:  or call +30 210 32 88 000 or contact us:  or phone call or SMS to Us on mob: +30 699 201 3333 (also via: Skype (vardisgr) / WhatsApp / Messenger ).  If your transaction will not be completed once, please reopen a new tab on your browser and try again.

See examples below:

Page 'Start':  On the window 'Login' add your email and give any password of your choice (min. 6 digits), select the box 'I agree'  and click on 'Registration'.

In a few minutes you will receive an email or SMS from Piraeus bank:    You only will have to click on the link 'Activation' in order to finalize your registration (following the steps).

Page 'Step 3'Here is the confirmation of your transaction. Click 'save' or 'print'.  Your transaction is successfully completed.  We thank you.