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Satellite Map of Gulf of Corinth in Greece

The Gulf of Corinth with Rio-Antirio bridge

The Gulf of Corinth or the Corinthian Gulf (Greek: Korinthiakόs Kόlpos) is a deep inlet of the Ionian Sea separating the Peloponnese from western mainland Greece.  In medieval times, the gulf was known as the Gulf of Lepanto.

 Shipping routes between the Greek commercial port Piraeus to western Mediterranean and hemisphere ports pass along this gulf. The dimensions of the Gulf of Corinth are approximately 105 km long and 30 km wide with a basement depth of 3 km at its center.

 This is a passage route, rather than a cruising ground. If your cruise plan is to circumnavigate the Peloponnese (a rewarding six to eight week cruise, depending on your natural pace) it's best done anti-clockwise to use favorable winds for 75% of the journey. So carry on south.

Greek Islands are divided to 8 Groups

The Greek archipelago comprises: ± 3,000 islands and islets - ± 12,900 km of coast on a national total of ± 19,900 km  surface area ± 131.950 km².   Only 227 islands are inhabited.  These islands were the cradle of some of the oldest European civilizations (Cycladic, Mycenaean, Minoan).

Discover the Greek Islands by a different way. Enjoy a sailing cruise and visit 4-5 Islands in a week. Sailing trips from Athens to CYCLADES & SARONIC islands:  How to rent a yacht

Google Satellite maps of all 8 groups of Islands, +Name list:

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