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Singles & Couples: Sailing holidays 

Cabin charter sailing holidays with half-board is the best choice for Solo traveler, Small groups and CouplesCapt. Vardis, very experienced skipper and the Charterer, invites you to participate as crew members in his group.  This is the easiest way for carefree sailing holidays without worrying about the formalities of yacht rental.  4-5 Islands to visit in a week (overnights).

'COVID-19' and Yacht Chartering in Greece'

Advantages of our Cabin charter cruise:

Our cabin sailing cruise (organized trips), are planned according to the local conditions for more pleasurable navigation.  You will visit the most beautiful parts of the islands and you will swim in virgin places, accessed only by boat.  Cabin chartering leaves a lot of independence to explore by yourself. On arrival at the port in the afternoon, you are free to do as you wish until the morning. 

Destinations & Dates starting from Athens:

  • MODIFICATION of dates due to the COVID-19:
  • SARONIC islands (see map). Dates: 25/7/-01/8/ =610 €.  Available    
  • CYCLADES+SARONIC Islands (see map). Dates: 08-15/8/ =630 €.  Available    
  • CYCLADES islands (see map). Dates: 19-26/9/ =580 €.   Available 4 places   Booked: 2 places
  • Lower on this page: booking details, prices, the sailboat, the skipper.
Capt. Vardis  Yacht 'ATLANTIS 43' layout  Swimming in Greece  Sailing onboard 'ATLANTIS 43' 

How do berths work?

Solo travelers of the same sex will share a double cabin or a single berth when available. If a double cabin will be shared by only one person, a surcharge of 75% on the cabin cost only, should be set. 

Experience connecting people!

We are attracting a mixture of ages and nationalities, an ideal way to go on a sailing holiday with other travelers with the same interests and under the security of a local skipper /guide.  Make new friends! 

Preparation for bbq  Sunset at Dokos island  Sunbathing on deck  Anchoring in Cyclades 

Affordable holidays 7 nights - 6 days ! 

  • Cabin charter with Half-board on board. For Solo travelers, Singles and Couples. 3-6 guests +skipper. Subscribe now !! 
  • Skippered prices/person/week (VAT 12% incl.):
  • 18-25/7/ =610 €,   8-15/8/ =630 €,  19-26/9/ =580 €.
  • Consumables*/person/week. Half-board on board: lunches & preparation, kitchen +WC equipment, cabin linen, end cleaning: 150€ (fixed).  Fuel +boat water +port fee: 50€ (fixed).  ALL included except only your diners in a Greek tavern (±10-15€/pers. NO extra charges. 
  • Booking: Initial deposit 40-50%.  Consumables* must be settled separately.   
  • Embarkation: Saturday night from around 22.00h until Sunday morning ±10.00h: Departure late in the morning.
  • Disembarkation: From Friday evening (20.00h) until Saturday morning 08.30h.  Return back on Friday afternoon).  cabin nudist cruise,   book here.   
  • The sailboat: 'Atlantis 43' (pdf) Atlantis 43 (page): (13,20m / 3+1 cab., 3W, 3+2 Showers).  Capt. Vardis (who-is-who).

Cabin charter conditions:

  • For the 'cabin charter' formula Capt. Vardis is the Charterer and skipper.  He invites you to participate as crew members in his group, by chartering only your berth or your cabin.  In this way, you are relieved of any and all liability during sailing.
  • Team spirit: Life aboard a sailboat is a bit different from life on land, and there are some rules to respect but so much joy to discover!  A sailboat offers limited personal space, compared to home.  A team spirit of cooperation and respect for other people on board, are essential and desired for the enjoyment of all.
  • Bring with you: Sailing license if there is one, light waxed or waterproof jacket, flexible boat shoes, light clothing but also a sweater, your personal, all in flexible bags, please NOT hard suitcases.
  • Find on board: cabin linen, masks, snorkels, fins, windserf board, Radio-USB.
  • Insurance: We advise a personal travel insurance during the charter period.  More info online here: .
Saronic islands map   Cyclades islands map