Vacation Idea: Sailing 'Cloths Free!


Naturism for Singles - Couples - Families - Groups

 Nudist sailing vacations in harmony with the nature

Nudist vacation idea: Sail Aegean Sea cloths free, where virgin and wild places still existing, and visit by a diferent way 4-5 islands in the week (overnights).  Enjoy naked the natural beauty of the islands under a blue sky.  Ways of chartering:  The whole skippered yacht or 'Cabin-charter' / half-board.

'COVID-19 and Yacht Chartering in Greece'

Lovers of nature? Explore Greek islands otherwise! 

Naturist holidays - Nudist friendly stay onboard of 'ATLANTIS 43' combined with the pleasure of sailing.  Swim naked in virgin places, accessed only by boat.  Capt. Vardis (naturist) will take you to places known by few!  

So, What's Life Like on a Nudist Cruise?

Sail naked from island to island when the yacht is at sea or at anchor in a secluded bay, where you can swim and dive in natural snorkeling or tanning naked in the warm Greek sunshine.  A large teak platform on deck (4,5 m2) offers plenty of room for nude sun-bathing.

Our Destinations starting from Athens

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Choice 1. Privet skippered cruise for 6-7-10 days  

  • Yacht prices per day, per periods (they are modified on May).  Dates and Destination of your choice.  Athens - Athens. 
  • C: May & June. -  B: From July 11th =330 €. - A: August 340 €. - B: Sept =330 €. - D: October- Novembre =290€.  VAT 12% incl.  Up to 7 guests +skipper. 
  • Not included: Skipper =150€/day. - Port fee, boat water, fuel =30€ day.  
  • NO security deposit requested!  NO extra charges.  FREE of charge:  Outboard, dinghy, more sails, wndsurf (board), kayak for children.  The sailboat (13,20m / 3+1 cab., 3W, 3+2 Showers):  'Atlantis 43' pdfCapt. Vardis (who-is-who) book here.

Choice 2. Cabin Charter +half-board, 7 nights-6 days

  • Cabin charter with half-board on board.  Best choice for Solo travelers, Singles and Couples, 3-6 guests +skipper. Subscribe now !! 
  • Skippered prices/person/week  (VAT 12% incl.)  26/9/-03/10/ = 540 €  -  29/8/-05/9/ = 595 €
  • Dates of Cabin Nudist Cruises:
  • CYCLADES islands (see map). Dates:  29/8/-05/9/ (595 €).   Available 6 places  
  • SARONIC islands (see map). Dates: 26/9/-03/10/ (550 €).  Available 6 places    
  • Consumables*/person/week. Half-board on board: lunches & preparation, kitchen +WC equipment, cabin linen, end cleaning =150€ (fixed).  Fuel +boat water +port fee =50€ (fixed). ALL included except only your diners in a Greek tavern (±10-15€/pers. NO extra charges. 
  • Booking: Initial deposit 40-50%.  Consumables* must be settled separately. 
  • Embarkation: Saturday night from around ±22.00h until Sunday morning ±10.00h: Departure late in the morning.
  • Disembarkation: From Friday evening (±20.00h) until Saturday morning 08.30h.  (Return back on Friday afternoon).  cabin cruise,   book here 
  • Sailboat: 'Atlantis 43' (pdf)Atlantis 43 (page): (13,20m / 3+1 cab., 3W, 3+2 Showers)  Capt. Vardis (who-is-who).

Capt. Vardis   'ATLANTIS 43' yacht plan